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2010 Mercury Mariner

Mercury Mariner

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  • Front tires set to 32 PSI, rear tires set to 34 PSI.
  • Verified complaint, connected vehicle to Autel Diagnostic & performed diagnostic. Found the following fault code: P0172- Fuel system rich, bank 1 Performed function test per Ford/Lincoln/Mercury instructions, found fuel purge valve stuck open causing fuel mixture issue & illuminating check engine light. Advised customer in-person & authorized repair at 10:10 AM on 1/5/2021 for additional $ 259. Disconnected electrical connector to purge valve & replaced assembly with new unit. Reassembled & cleared check engine light. Road tested, no more check engine light & all smog monitors completed.
Juan M. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/12/2021