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2009 Mercedes-Benz C300

Mercedes-Benz C300

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  • Performed vehicle inspection, noted the following: a. Right mirror turn signal is not working b. Front brake pads OK @ 75% remaining c. Rear brake pads OK @ 35% remaining d. Drive belt tensioner is starting to weaken causing drive belt to slip e. Engine oil cooler housing is starting to seep oil f. PCV Covers are starting to seep engine oil g. Brake vacuum pump is starting to seep engine oil h. Next service due is B1 @ 9100 miles, recommend customer bring vehicle back for re-inspection at that time.
  • Front @ 32 PSI, Rear @ 34 PSi
  • Removed mirror glass and shell housing, disconnected and replaced turn signal assembly. Reassembled, retested, OK now.
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